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1. How many firms comprise the AutoCPA Group?

There are currently 24 Firms comprising the national association of Certified Public Accounting Firms in the AutoCPA Group each specializing in providing accounting and consulting services to automobile dealers. The members provide a high quality personal approach to delivering services--striving to exceed your expectations.

2. Will a member of the AutoCPA perform a Cost Segregation for my dealership? What are the benefits?

Yes, the The AutoCPA Group is more than qualified to perform a cost segregation on your dealership. The benefits are that you can receive meaningful federal, state, and local tax savings. Our cost segregation studies accelerate income tax depreciation deductions, providing you with maximum cash flow.

3.How would you value the worth of a minority, non-management stockholder in a family owned S-corp in the auto dealership? Also, how would you incorporate the goodwill of the dealership into the formula (the dealership is nationally recognized for service and sales)?

Not an easy question to answer with so little information. Generally, dealerships are valued using the FMV of the assets plus "Blue Sky" computed on a multiple of pretax "normalized" earnings. A minority and lack of marketability discount may then be applied depending on the facts of the case. The real estate can be a major issue depending on who owns it and the lease terms?

Please get us more facts and we will be able to give you more specific advice.